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Cannabis businesses need accountants

Let's face it. A highly regulated, emerging industry, high growth, high taxes, and it's still not federally legal. In such a nascent and emerging industry, cannabis businesses need highly skilled accountants to help them plan, grow and scale.  

Whether it's tax planning, capital raises, daily bookkeeping, or financial oversight, your cannabis business will need a skilled accountant.  

Find the Best Finance Partner for Your Business

Full time, part time, and contract based, we got you

It's important to get an accountant for your cannabis business. We help you find the right professional for your business. Whether it's a bookkeeper, tax specialist, or your next CFO.

Is a cannabis accountant really that different?

First, you need a skilled accountant. Then you need an accountant that understands the nuances of working in the cannabis industry.

  • Federal Tax Code IRC 280E

  • State and Local Cannabis Taxes

  • Working in an all cash environment and IRS compliance

  • Cost Accounting

  • Inventory Management

  • Cannabis Financial Compliance

  • Cannabis Seed to Sale Tracking

Looking for an Accountant?

We got you covered.

In an industry that was underground for so many years, many legacy cannabis businesses did not keep books and records. With regulation, all of that has changed. We help you find the right financial professional for your current business needs.