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The way you setup your business can cost you thousands or save you thousands

Most startup businesses are set up the wrong way

Setting up a business the wrong way can cost you thousands of dollars in taxes and hurt you later down the road. Many startup entrepreneurs get hit with high taxes from poor startup planning and budgeting.

But it doesn't need to be that way.

You can get your admin ducks in a row and set yourself up for success.

  • When you understand the tax requirements for starting a business, you'll be able to save the right way

  • You will learn the best ways to pay yourself as an entrepreneur

  • You will learn how to build your startup budget and first year operating budget

  • You'll get the Accounting Best Practices to Starting a Business

  • You'll even learn how to work what your finance responsibilities as a business owner should be and what you can delegate

Hi, I'm Simone your CPA and Instructor for the course

I've got +15 Years of International, accounting, and consulting under my belt!

I've worked with large and small organizations, startups and those that have operated for decades, and I am your finance expert and CPA. Starting a business can be challenging, especially if you don't feel comfortable with the numbers behind your business. I'll teach you what you need to focus on when you are getting started, and show you best practices in minimizing your IRS tax bill

What I'll teach you

Here are the modules you will learn in the course

  • 1

    Welcome and Onboarding!

    • Welcome!

    • Knowing your Numbers will make you a better business owner

  • 2

    Setting up Your Business

    • Factors to Consider when selecting your Legal Entity

    • Overview of the Different Legal Entities

    • Choosing the Right Legal Entity

    • Important Documentation to Keep

    • Contracts and Agreements

  • 3

    Paying Yourself and Paying Others

    • Taxes as an Entrepreneur

    • Different Ways of Paying yourself

    • Self Employment Tax Calulation

    • Retirement and IRAs

    • Paying Others

  • 4

    Creating your Budget

    • Creating your Personal Budget First

    • Creating your Startup Budget

    • Break Even Analysis

    • Different Types of Costs

    • The IRS Views on Costs

  • 5

    The Business Owner -Accounting Checklist

    • Re-frame how you think about Accounting

    • The Detailed Checklist

    • Monthly Accounting Responsibilities

    • Save your Receipts

    • Best Practices with Recording Keeping - from the SBA

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