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Building a profitable business requires WORK

By not focusing on the right things in your business, you are not hitting your financial goals.

Most small business owners suffer from a lot of financial stress because they aren’t focused on the right things in their business. Whether it’s struggling to build a sales strategy, being able to pay the bills, not knowing what to pay for year-end taxes, and feeling unprepared for their financial future.

Get Clear and Financially Focused and start building more profit in your business

Shift the way you think and build your business and start prioritizing profit. Learn how to focus your time on where it counts and apply money habits that will help you build a profitable business When you adopt a profit mindset and have the tactics, you’ll be able to help more people in your business, grow, and have both time and financial freedom

Is Profit Accelerator for Me?

Great question. Here are the 6 types of people Profit Accelerator is for so you can figure out if it’s a fit….

  • You are just starting your business

    You have that business idea and are ready to make the jump into entrepreneurship, but you don’t even know where to get started. Profit Accelerator will teach you where to focus and how to get started. You’ll learn everything from setting your business budget and sales goals to creating a marketing strategy for your business.

  • You are in the early stages of your business

    You are operating a business, but aren’t seeing it grow You have launched your business, but not sure where to focus and operate without a solid plan. Everything seems like a priority and when you start working on certain tasks, you start feeling overwhelmed because you’re not sure if it’s the right thing you should be focused on. Profit Accelerator will teach you where to focus and show you the roadmap of what business systems to build.

  • Your business is not growing, and you don’t know why

    You’ve been operating for more than a year, but you’re not seeing substantial growth and you're struggling to maintain a profit. You get nervous and anxious when it comes to the numbers side of your business and you know you need to build a better strategy. Profit Accelerator will teach you new ways of setting sales and marketing goals and give you a clear path to different ways to achieve your goals. You’ll start feeling empowered and excited about the numbers behind your business.

  • You need help with numbers

    You don’t know the numbers behind your business, haven’t set sales goals, and don’t have a solid plan for your business. You are struggling each month to make a profit and don’t know where and how you’re going to get your next customer. Profit Accelerator will teach you how to develop a sales and marketing direction and set a sales plan each month. You’ll learn how to build a budget and start getting on track to hit your financial goals.

  • You need help prioritizing

    You feel like you’re putting in effort into your business, but you feel lost and frustrated because you don’t know if you’re focusing on the right areas of your business. You’ve got doubt and are feeling like you need help staying on track.

  • You are a solopreneur, side hustler, or business owner.

    If you are looking to build more profit in your business and have been struggling with building business systems, Profit Accelerator is for you.

Are you ready to start running a profitable business?

Get the tool kit to build a 21st century consulting firm in cannabis.

  • Strategize

    Build a finance, sales, marketing strategy that puts money in your business and helps you build your personal wealth.

  • Prioritize

    Maximize your time as an entrepreneur. Start each day with a clear plan on what you are going to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

  • Automate

    Build systems and automation into your business, so you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time growing a profitable business.

  • Generate

    Build a profitable business with the right business and financial clarity to know where to focus, how to lead, and how to make money.

What we'll cover

Each module is designed to help you unlock more knowledge, expertise, and insight on how to build a profitable business.

  • 1


    • Before we begin...

    • Onboarding Work

  • 2

    Value Proposition

    • Building your Value Proposition

    • Value Prop, Target Market, Competitor Analysis Template

    • Value Proposition

  • 3

    Target Market and Consumers

    • Target Market

  • 4

    Defining your Competitive Positioning

    • Competitive Analysis

  • 5

    Defining and Pricing your Offerings

    • Introduction to Pricing

    • The Different Types of Costs

    • Product Offering Worksheet Guide

    • Offering

    • Pricing Your Offerings

  • 6

    Business Numbers

    • Business Numbers

    • Business Budget

    • Contribution Margin

    • Sales Goals at Growth

    • The Golden Income Rule

    • Different Ways to Make Money in Your Business

    • How You Price Your Offering

    • Finalizing Your Numbers

    • Pricing Recap

    • Section Takeaways

    • Personal Budget

  • 7

    Building your Sales Strategy

    • Introduction to Sales

    • Sales

    • The Golden Rule of Sales

    • Sales Goals

    • Sales Goals Template

    • How many prospects to pitch

    • Analyzing Your Goals

    • Sales Workbook Guide

    • Sales Goals

    • Achieivng Sales Goals

    • Building your Sales Process

    • Practice the Pitch

    • It's not a no, until it's a no

    • It's a yes, now what

    • Sales Process

    • Your Homework

    • Sales to Marketing

    • Sales Recap

  • 8

    Building your Marketing Strategy

    • Introduction to Marketing

    • Marketing helps you get to your sales goals

    • Marketing takes time

    • Marketing is more than Instagram

    • The customer journey dictates your marketing

    • Marketing Template

    • Content Themes and Annual Content Calendar (excel)

    • Marketing AIDA

    • Marketing Tactics

    • Content

    • Different content for your marketing

    • Set your marketing goals

    • Your website and online funnels

    • The minimum you need on your website

    • Marketing Key Performance Indicators

    • Content is Queen

    • Content Tips

    • Your website Copy

    • Writing Copy

    • Email Marketing

    • Call to Action

    • Marketing and Content Recap

  • 9

    Consulting Compliance & Administration

    • Admin Best Practices for Consultants

  • 10

    Time and Project Management

    • Introduction to Project Management

    • Getting more stuff done in your business

    • Are you maximizing your time as a business owner

    • What's on your to do list

    • Routine and architecture

    • How do you prioritize

    • Time Blocking

    • Time Management Recap

    • Worksheet Review

    • Project and Time Management Template

    • Section Recap

    • Time Management

  • 11

    Goal Setting

    • Introduction to Goal Setting

    • SMART Goals

    • How to achieve your goals

    • Your Business Review

    • How to set a goal

    • Monthly Goal Planner

    • Goal Setting Recap

    • Goal Setting and Goal Tracker Template

    • Goals

  • 12

    Final Thoughts and Next Steps

    • Before you go...

Monetize your business the right

Profit Accelerator is one of THE most comprehensive financial business startup and monetization programs online.

  • Define your customer segments and ideal target market

  • Identify your unique selling proposition and value proposition.

  • Diversify your offerings beyond your typical accounting portfolio

  • Learn new techniques in sales and marketing that can drive awareness and engagement

  • Unlock templates and checklists that include sales proposals , sample engagement letters, customer intake forms, and more.

  • Get the best practices in cannabis consulting

  • Unlock templates and checklists that will help you implement best practices in starting your business.

  • Uncover the financial tools and techniques you need to know and implement in order to build a profitable business and hit your financial freedom goals.

Stay on Track with your Financial Accountability Bestie

+15 Years of Strategic Financial Consulting, Delivered to you

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, one thing is certain, knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of business. Knowing your numbers leads to better decision-making in your life and business, which leads you to be one step closer to reaching your personal and professional money goals. I've helped businesses large and small around the world improve their cash flow, and I'm ready to help you build a profitable business and reach the financial freedom you are looking for. In Cannabis, I've worked with A list clients, worked with clients around the world, and closed multiple five figure contracts.

Testimonials from Entrepreneurs

"Great Source of Information""

Sami, Mastermind Member

Great source of information and strategies for putting together a compliant business model

"Inspired and Confident"

Kimbra, Women's Summit Attendee

“Inspired and motivated to move forward with my business. I felt validated in my ideas and confident in the strategy I’ve put together!”

"More tools for my business"

Elizabeth, Business Accelerator Member

Highly recommend Simone’s services if you are in need of an extremely intelligent, warm, and energetic advisor to help take your business to new heights!

Learn key skills to help you in your business

Uncover the financial tools and techniques you need to know and implement in order to build a profitable business and hit your financial freedom goals.

  • Sales Strategies

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Personal and Business Budgeting

  • Project Management

  • Time Management

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • How to build online sales funnels

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