3 big reasons to jump in

The industry is just starting

  • Massive Growth

    The worldwide market is forecasted to be more than 42 Billion by 2024. 67% of Americans are in support of legalization and thousands of professionals are jumping into the industry.

  • A solution and Revolution

    The plant is saving lives and helps solve some of the world's problems. From better wellness and health options to providing cities and states with more tax revenue and social justice reform.

  • Unparalleled Opportunity

    The emerging industries have tremendous opportunities for advancements in science, sustainability, wellness, advocacy, social change, career fulfillment, and wealth building.

What you need to know about getting started

When entering into the cannabis industry as an accountant, it is important to assess the accounting and compliance nuances but also get a very deep understanding of what it is actually like to do business within the cannabis industry.

This training is for you, if...

  • Want to understand the risks of working in cannabis

  • Want to have actionable items to start working in cannabis

  • Want to understand why cannabis accounting is different

  • You are a finance professional, CPA, consultant, bookkeeper, or tax preparer

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